[thelist] Web Site hacked wasiPhone (browser) detection

Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
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Hi Nan,

I've split this onto a new thread ..

Yeah, I've just discovered that too! Several of the domain names I host have
been hacked - I've raised a critical support ticket with my ISP - looks like
the dns may have been hacked -  I must confess I'm not strong on DNS so I'm
not sure how this is happening. The underlying file system is untouched. I'd
be interested to understand how this is done - anyone shed some light?



Simon MacDonald

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Hey Simon,

I went to your website, lemonslicedesign.com, I often look at Evolter
websites, and I was redirected to a "Turkish Hackerz" website called
grayhatz, and most of the text was in a foreign alphabet. 

Thought you might like to know, I don't think it is your lemonslicedesign

Excellent tip about the Adobe extension! 


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> Does that seem correct?  And so would it further be correct that the 
> primary reason to detect iPhone with a *SCRIPT* would be to send it to 
> a different *HTML* page (hooked up to its own stylesheet), while the 
> primary reason to detect with *CSS* would be to send the "regular HTML"
> page to a different *STYLESHEET*.

I agree with your reasoning. I would go down the CSS route using conditional

I'm about to try this myself but as I haven't got access to an IPhone I'm
going to have to use the Dreamweaver extension [2]





Simon MacDonald


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