[thelist] iPhone (browser) detection

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis bhawkeslewis at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 28 16:49:28 CDT 2008

Erika wrote:
> 2.   Though supported, certain events aren't going to work the same due 
> to a. screen real estate and  b. touch navigation

If users can access content and functionality via native HTML behaviors 
or the 'click' event, then they can easily use it with iPhone's 
touchscreen. If not, then they are also likely to encounter difficulties 
when using the keyboard or speech recognition (for example). This 
reemphasizes the importance of developing all sites with 
input-device-independence in mind.

I'm not sure what you mean about events not working due to "screen real 
estate" though.

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis

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