[thelist] pesky mail problem

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Tue Sep 30 22:10:08 CDT 2008

One of my clients switched from cbeyond to another provider and just 
like that lost email notifications coming from their ecommerce site.  
The site is hosted by rackforce.  I have access to the plesk panel and 
shell access to the site.   I ought to be able to do command line mail 
be doing:

mail bobm at dottedi.biz <cr>  etc...

This fails with no obvious error; I tried doing mail -v to see a verbose 
output but apparently wrong argument. 

I also made up a very simple php file which when accessed should send me 
a test message.  It also fails, something like:

$message = "Email body/contents";
$subject = "Test of php email script";
$to = "bobm at dottedi.biz";
$from = "From: admin at wherever.com";
mail ($to, $subject, $body, $from);

No dice of course.  Finally within zen-cart itself I found the 
configuration item for the mail server which was originally set to 
"mail.west.cbeyond.com" and changed it to: "smtp.integra.net" and the 
dice remain silent. 

What are some UNIX/Linux command line tests I can do to determine the 
root cause?  As I have access to Plesk, is there anything in the control 
panel that needs to be changed that might still be referencing cbeyond?

Bob Meetin

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