[thelist] how to open a link in a div on a page

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sat Oct 4 15:35:16 CDT 2008

Hi Laura,

What is it you trying to accomplish, exactly?  I'm guessing that you 
want a nav menu in a separate file for ease of maintenance, right?  But 
it is ok (and even desirable, for SEO and navigability) for each link to 
open a new url -- right?

If so, it seems like the simplest answer would be server-side includes. 
  What kind of server (and/or what hosting company) are you using?



Laura wrote:
> hi Everyone,
> I was referred to this group when I asked a question of another
> group that I just don't know how to resolve.
> Problem statement:
> I have a 2 column page, the navigation on left, the content on
> right side div=sidebar, and content on the right div=main . (Well
> that's how I'd love the content to work!)
> Constraint: I don't have PHP or any other database type of
> capability. I am trying to open the link on the sidebar on the
> right side of the window in the "main" div.
> the link: http://octos.org/ooth/2new.htm
> the links currently open to a new page, losing the navigation. I
> realize I have many other changes to make the pages right, etc,
> but I got stuck on how to open the links so they display, without
> using those old aweful frames! I'm really stuck on this.
> Does anyone here know what or how to do this?
> I would be ever so grateful. Much thanks to you for reading this!
> Laura

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