[thelist] CMS and other acronyms

Christie Mason CMason at ManagersForum.com
Sun Oct 5 15:05:28 CDT 2008

> I have an impression that the shift occurred about 5
> years ago as site pages moved from static to dynamic.

Hassan Schroeder
"moved from static to dynamic ... 5 years ago"??  That seems, well,
/much/ too recent to me, but I have no statistics to quote, so...

Regardless, a "Content Management System" is not something that
was invented for the Web. Yes, hard to believe, but there was actually
content to be managed and published before HTML, and it wasn't all
on stone tablets.  :-)

Christie Mason
Point taken, but I'm speaking of common usage.  I don't remember the name of
the program but there was a product that could do desktop publishing from a
database in DOS/Win 3.1 days, it wasn't PageMaker or Ventura Publisher but
it was around the time those products were beginning to create that market.
Oh the excitement of doing drop shadows and underlining text on a dot

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