[thelist] CMS and other acronyms

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sun Oct 5 17:00:58 CDT 2008

On 5 Oct 2008, at 19:38, Christie Mason wrote:

> During a previous discussion I had some sympathy for the view of one  
> poster
> who still thought of CMS as "Client/Customer Management Systems"  
> instead of
> "Content Management Systems".  For the past few years I know that the
> educational/training industry has referred to CMS as COURSE Management
> Systems, but they seem to also be coming around to the concept that  
> stands for "Content".

Interesting, because I'd have termed that as LMS - Learning Management  
System - for quite some time now.

> I started wondering when the shift had occurred that
> CMS became commonly accepted as "Content MS" I strongly doubt it was  
> 10
> years ago, as someone claimed, and that impression seems to be  
> supported by
> going to the Google index of 2001 http://www.google.com/search2001/   
> and
> searching for "CMS".

And yet, the top result for "Content Management System" is  

>  I have an impression that the shift occurred about 5
> years ago as site pages moved from static to dynamic.  Does anyone  
> have a
> solid resource indicating when CMS became common usage for  "Content"?

I think you're right about the milestone, but wrong about the date -  
perhaps for SME sites, but for anything bigger than that, dynamic  
pages were essential a long time before

I was most definitely using the term in 1999, and writing about it in  
and there was a listing of CMSs here:
from the previous year.

Allaire was touting Spectra around that time (spring 1999 when I first  
came across it); Interwoven was long established, as were Broadvision  
and Vignette.


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