[thelist] CMS and other acronyms

Chris Anderson Chris at activeide.com
Sun Oct 5 17:54:25 CDT 2008

> And don't get me started on documentation for pharma companies -
> they've got *huge* amounts of content, which needs *auditably* moving
> around.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enterprise_content_management

Tell me about it!
And the audit isn't just the "who", "when" and "what" of each change -
but the "why" as well,
Makes writing the apps used all the more fun - no automated audits based
purely on triggers.

I have been working on image analysis data for pharmas (and other
similar clients) and in the last few years I've given many an IT team a
headache in keeping up with the amount of data spat out of the system we
developed :-)

Understandable when you also consider the need to keep the data for many

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