[thelist] CMS and other acronyms

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sun Oct 5 20:53:01 CDT 2008

CMS is technically an abbreviation.  FWIW.

About a block from my house is an elementary school.  On the big 
board/marquee in front of the school, for several days, there was a date 
for "VB tryouts."  I drove past the sign every day thinking.  "oh. 
Visual Basic tryouts... wait... that can't be right..."  -- after about 
4 or 5 days my ADD-addled brain eventually realized VB stands for 
VOLLYBALL... in that particular context.  Perhaps.

Re: CMS.  I've been using "CMS" for "content management system" (on the 
web) since at least 2000.  I *know* I was using that term when I landed 
my first job supporting a CMS that year.  However, I did not... and 
still do not... expect non-web people to understand the abbreviation, so 
I at first take pains to use the entire TWP (three-word-phrase... I 
totally just made that one up).

BTW,  excessive use of TLAs is akin to overusing jargon, and IMO should 
be avoided around "general" audiences, unless your goal is just to 
confuse and/or make people feel stupid.   YMMV.



<tip type="TLAs" author="Erika">
Google is your friend.  It's likely to give three different answers for 
every three-letter-abbreviation -- but you can use context to make an 
educated guess.

PS Will: CMS plural = CMI. 'Cause it makes no sense, but it sounds 
sufficiently obtuse and vaguely Latinate.  LOL.

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