[thelist] CMS and other acronyms

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Mon Oct 6 19:49:52 CDT 2008

Brent Eades wrote:
> Yes. Presumably the shop you worked for at that time had already adopted 
> 'CMS' as convenient shorthand for the more cumbersome term 'web content 
> management system', which I recall as being more common back then.

actually, I was slightly off on the timing.  It was March of 2001.  My 
boss had been there three years, and had home-rolled a perl-based CMS 
during his first year there.  That in-house CMS is still in use today. 
I remember being impressed not only that he had built a CMS, but that I 
could use the term "CMS" and be understood.

In 2000, evolt.org was running Cold Fusion.  I knew about Spectra.  I 
read Martin's CMS article when it came out. Content Management was a hot 
topic back then, but commercial systems were prohibitively expensive.

Semi-related... "blogger" software came out in late 1999 I think.  I 
published an article on "Online Diaries" defending the onslaught of 
personal writing on the web in December of 1999.


At the time, I'd never heard the word "blog."

also, I had to walk two miles to work every day,
through 6 feet of snow...I'm pretty sure.


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