[thelist] to upload or to include image urls

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Wed Oct 8 11:35:31 CDT 2008

Hassan Schroeder wrote:
>> Also: linking to an image hosted somewhere else is, as has been noted by
>> others, a risky venture, since those hosting sites may have down time or may
>> vanish some day.
> Both true, and yet more and more stuff -- not just pictures -- is moving
> into the cloud, so that argument is swimming against the tide  :-)
> And you don't need to "keep a list of image URLs", you just need to
> have your Flickr (or equiv) account bookmarked.
> So my response to the OP's question would be: allow both.
> H*
Well yes I do that on some sites, I provide both.
Another downside of both is that it minimally doubles the documentation 
in addition to the method.

It also adds an additional layer of confusion to would-be posters who 
might not be as computer literate as this audience.  It's relevant in 
this situation because the target market will include owners of classic 
cars (actually muscle cars) which implies whatever it implies.  
Craigslist has done well I think.

Folks who don't know of HTML and/or filing systems have a hard time 
grasping what a simple path is and too much explaining causes head 
trauma.   Oh no... do I include the slash (/) or not.  Will it cause the 
system to disintegrate if I error?

The general problem is that there are too many variations of standards 
depending on the season, time of day, who's the shift lead, etc. Have I 
taken my own topic off-topic?

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