[thelist] building a PHP/MySQL storefront

Joel D Canfield joel at bizba6.com
Wed Oct 8 12:12:57 CDT 2008

eBooks and Music (http://www.ebooksandmusic.com/
<http://www.ebooksandmusic.com/> ) needs a storefront, and an admin
interface (actually at http://www.ebooksandmusic.net/) for authors and
musicians to maintain their profiles.
1. Is there a platform/tool/app which 
    a. makes it unnecessary to build from scratch?
    b. will allow a non-PHP expert to create and maintain the
    c. integrates (functionally and visually) into the existing site?
If not-
2. Are you a PHP/MySQL person who loves music and books and would get a
personal buzz from working on something like this? Please contact me
offlist to discuss it.
Comments, questions, and whatnot are solicited and eagerly anticipated.

Joel D Canfield
Book at BizBa6.com
916.771.9297 office
916.765.1712 cell
http://BizBa6.com/ <http://bizba6.com/>  


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