[thelist] Moving to ASP.Net

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed Oct 8 19:18:06 CDT 2008

There should not be any issue - .NET just uses a Provider to talk to SQL Server. SQL Server uses TDS as it's wire-line protocol and has for a number of versions.

The reason you are probably seeing a lot of SQL Server 2005 examples is that SQL Server 2000 is quite old. SQL Server 2005 also have some options for those people who host databases at hosting companies that you don't get with SQL Server 2000. Also, SQL Server 2000 SP4 mainstream support ended in April this year, so you might want to look at upgrading at some point...


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> Hi Ed -
> Thanks for the info.  What about .Net 3.5 with SQL 2000.  Too much to ask???
> :)
> Todd
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> > is it a problem running .NET using SQL Server 2000?
> I've used .Net v2.0 with SQL 2000, and .Net 3.5 with SQL 2005, without
> any problems.
> > If we did upgrade to the newer version, what kind of pains can I
> > expect with the sites that we have now?
> I've upgraded one small project from 2.0/2000 to 2.0/2005 and another
> from 2.0/2005 to 3.5/2008, again without problems.  But my experience
> IS limited, so keep asking.

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