[thelist] to upload or to include image urls

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu Oct 9 10:08:05 CDT 2008

Annetta Hall wrote:
> I am in the market for an uploader.  Is yours for sell and if so where
> can I see it? 
Okay... Whether you were actually asking Ken or me, no mind.  I have a 
number of forms designed to work in Linux/UNIX environments/webservers 
for uploading images.  With slight modifications they can upload other 
file types as well.  If you download them please do read the very short 
README.txt file first as you will need to configure them to your 
directory structure.  It's on my list to set up a config file to do this 
automatically but the list is way too long now.

To access the forms visit:


I currently have them pointing to test image folders.  It is fine to 
play with them, upload, delete as you see fit.  If you were to implement 
any on your file system I would recommend either placing them in a 
restricted access folder or password protecting them with whatever other 
means you like.

They work well, for me, but I'm sure they could be made a little more 
efficient with time/effort.  Feedback is welcome.  I have other forms 
that are configured to save the image data into a MySQL database, but 
that's more than I can prep now.

Bob Meetin

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