[thelist] building a PHP/MySQL storefront

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Thu Oct 9 15:54:02 CDT 2008

> eBooks and Music (http://www.ebooksandmusic.com/
> <http://www.ebooksandmusic.com/> ) needs a storefront, and an admin
> interface (actually at http://www.ebooksandmusic.net/) for authors and
> musicians to maintain their profiles.
> 1. Is there a platform/tool/app which
>    a. makes it unnecessary to build from scratch?
>    b. will allow a non-PHP expert to create and maintain the
> storefront?
>    c. integrates (functionally and visually) into the existing site?

Not sure precisely what you want, but I believe the answer is no. :)

There are PHP/MySQL solutions which can recreate that site with the
same 'look' or even a better one. But to include all of the
functionality that you need is not trivial, i.e. it will require some

> before I delve too deeply, is Zen Cart actually set up so that we can
> allow hundreds of authors and musicians to each maintain their own
> profile? how much customization are we going to have to do for this to
> happen?

Sounds like Ubercart http://www.ubercart.org/ which runs on Drupal
http://drupal.org/ would work for you. It should be able to provide
what you need (although more details are required).

Drupal has a steep learning curve, so you would need a Drupal
consultant to build the site for you. Once it was done, however, it
can certainly be managed by someone with no programming knowledge.


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