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Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Sun Oct 12 22:52:44 CDT 2008

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> Martin Burns sat us on his knee and advised:
> > if an email address is published online,
> > it *will* be open to spam.
> I had that problem where somebody thought it would be a good idea to put my
> email in messages on several USENET groups.  My spam filters block 99% of it
> at the door.  The problem... even legitimate mail is being blocked.  I tried
> to get a new key for a software package I own... my old PC died and I
> reinstalled it, not realizing that the key is based on the hardware.  I went
> to the key gen and it sent it to my email but I never saw it.  And I can't
> seem to redirect to another email, so I may have to shell out money for a new
> license.
> Even indirectly... the spammers win...

You can't contact the software company in question and request they send the key elsewhere?
You can't whitelist the company's From: email address?
You can't turn off your spam filter just for a few minutes for the replacement key to arrive?

All of which are not nothing, but could be cheaper than repurchasing the software...


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