[thelist] front end design: liquid design

Joel D Canfield joel at bizba6.com
Mon Oct 20 16:44:02 CDT 2008

> Under that paradigm it becomes easier for a user to scale your design,
> even fixed width, to the size that "works" for them on their monitor.
> Judah

reminds me of all the time and effort folks spent optimizing video and
audio for dialup connections.

which was completely wasted, because the hardware made the consideration
obsolete except in very specific circumstances (probably; I have no clue
what they'd be.)

we're in the interim; in fact, still in the very earliest infancy of a
completely new thing. unless your market, ethics, or legality requires
it, I wouldn't make 'liquid vs. semi-liquid vs. fixed vs. whatever' a
make-or-break decision.


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