[thelist] XXAMP - linking to seperate drive..

misterhaan misterhaan at track7.org
Tue Oct 21 08:34:13 CDT 2008

Tris wrote:
> Anyhoo, I wanna use my xxamp installation
> (C:\xxamp\)
> To point to the media drive
> E:\
> How can I write a simple <A> tag to point to that drive?
> Am I over complicating it?
> I'm guessing a shortcut, or fake path or something.. but I'm stumpped..
i'm assuming E:\ isn't under your document root, which means you have 2 
1. set up apache to point to it (i would use an alias), then link using 
the alias
2. if E:\ is shared, you can form links like 

#1 makes the files available through http which means anyone who can 
access the server can see the files.  #2 relies on windows file sharing 
and simply redirects to that, so it's bound by both the security on the 
share and the security on the files / directories / drive themselves.

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