[thelist] PPT --> AVI?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Oct 23 11:03:37 CDT 2008

Steve suggested:

>>There are some other commercial apps that offer trials or
>>limited free versions; One is Video Scout

Hi Steve,

Thanks!  I believe that was the one I found this morning that *almost* seemed to work.  (I wasn't able to get the resulting avi file to run on the 1 device I had sitting around for testing this morning.  (My Zen MP3 player.)  I did manage to change the format from the default to the 'IMA ADPCM' format but I must have had one of the other settings off (or a delta in a setting only available through the 'pro' version of the software) beats me - at any rate I found no joy there.)

>>But have you considered using Acrobat 9s Presenter to do this
>>Most high end "Toys" can use PDF|Flash,

Good point!  I have started (a little bit) looking at other solutions.  Unfortunately I have a large number of potential content creators who are already familiar with and use PowerPoint.  I might be able to squeeze a few bucks for one copy of some software to let me batch convert a bunch of existing files ... but I'm probably not going to get approval to widely deploy a new app and train and support folks on using it.


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