[thelist] best practice for setting up web based subscriptions

russgriechen at sportsmenafield.org russgriechen at sportsmenafield.org
Thu Oct 23 21:22:44 CDT 2008

Nan Harbison wrote
Subject: [thelist] best practice for setting up web based subscriptions
Do they expect that they have
> to renew every year or that it will expire only when they cancel their
> subscription? I know some website make you resign and some run out and you
> have to renew every year.
> My client has had me set it up so their membership lasts for the full 
> three
> years, but I think it will be weird then for our users to find out 3 years
> later, if they stay that long, that their membership has expired. Their
> credits will probably expire before that anyway!

You probably need to use a billing support system like Whmcs at:
ClientExec at http://www.newedge.com/
both at 15.95 monthly or $200. or so for one-time.
They support practically all pay systems    PayPal , Authorize Net   even 
google checkout
I have a reseller account where ClientExec is $4.00 a month
Russ Griechen 

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