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Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu Oct 30 00:26:55 CDT 2008

Felix Miata wrote:
> On 2008/10/28 21:46 (GMT-0600) Bob Meetin composed:
>> IMHO it takes substantial, if not inordinate, effort to 
>> design a site/system to seemlessly (mostly) transition between fixed and 
>> fluid.
> You're too fixed in your ways. Forget such a thing as a px exists. Size in em
> & % instead. With some practice, you shouldn't be complaining about anything
> except how long it took you to find out how easy it could be.
Actually I wasn't complaining nor am I fixed in my ways.  I was stating 
a recognition of effort in particular for developers who put in an extra 
mile to offer versatility.  Except with the jobs which I am compelled to 
use pixels by client mandate (because the client uses contribute) I 
typically use EMs. 

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