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Sarah Adams sarahwbs at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 08:06:41 CDT 2008

Felix Miata wrote:
>> Design wise, the line length thing really kills fluid for me. Slashdot is
>> unreadable and I don't really want to resize my browser window for a single
>> site.
> Yi yi yi yi yi yi yi. LAAAAAAAZZZZZZZY!!! 

Whether it's "lazy" or not this is pretty typical behaviour. Why should
the user have to resize their browser to make a site readable? What if
they have other sites open in other tabs that don't require the browser
to be resized? Personally, I prefer to keep my browser maximized so I'm
not distracted by other windows behind it. I'm guessing there's a pretty
good portion of the population that doesn't even realize they can resize
their browser.

Regardless of our feelings on the matter (to resize the browser or not),
we as developers need to be realistic about what our users are actually

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