[thelist] ie JS array limitations?

Brian Cummiskey Brian at hondaswap.com
Thu Oct 30 15:18:00 CDT 2008

Anyone know of some ie bugs regarding huge arrays?

I have a page which generates colors / sizes options.

Most products work fine in all browsers.

A couple which have a LOT of colors and a LOT of sizes, work fine in 
firefox and safari, but break in ie7 and ie8.

all said and done, this particular item creates 411 2-dimensional arrays

	var productarray = new Array();

	productarray[0] = new Array(6);
	productarray[0][0] = "S29 75 28 30";
	productarray[0][1] = "Black";
	productarray[0][2] = "28   30";
	productarray[0][3] = "39.99";
	productarray[0][4] = "28W x 30L";
	productarray[0][5] = "S29-75_p.jpg";

. through...

	productarray[410] = new Array(6);
	productarray[410][0] = "S29 93 54 U";
	productarray[410][1] = "Walnut";
	productarray[410][2] = "54 UNF";
	productarray[410][3] = "51.99";
	productarray[410][4] = "54 UNF";
	productarray[410][5] = "S29-93_p.jpg";

This code is working on other products, so it's not a code issue.   I'm 
leading towards the size of the array breaking ie.

Anyone have any founding to this, or am I barking up the wrong tree and 
should look for a bug in the code itself?

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