[thelist] Create Relative Link with Acrobat 8

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Add a random URL to the text that you want to use to open the document.  With the link tool selected right click and go to properties.  Click on the actions tab.  If any actions already exists in the actions box remove them.  Select Open a web link from the Select Actions drop down.  If the files are in the same folder you only need to enter (filename.pdf) but if they are in a sub folder use (subfolder/filename.pdf).


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I have an index pdf document and several sub documents that the index has links to.  When the Acrobat link tool is used everything comes out as an absolute link.  Everything has to go on a cd and be distributed to several people.  

One answer was to move everything to a CD first then define links on there.  But now with pdas and everything - the CD Rom doesn't always come up as D: drive.

So how do you adjust Acrobat to make relative links?

And ofcourse I'm under pressure to get this done yesterday.

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