[thelist] can someone build a 100-page website with onlyHTML/CSS skill?

Christie Mason CMason at ManagersForum.com
Tue Nov 11 11:32:49 CST 2008

Something I've been wondering ... Why not do a hybrid of dynamic navigation
(CMS concept) and static pages?  The navigation c/b managed in a db with
sort order etc applied. Pages are probably in multiple folders so set up db
with fields/columns for folder name, page name (folder and page name c/b in
a path type field but separating them would probably make global changes
easier), short description, display level and sort order.  Then it s/b very
simple to group by level then order by sort order.

If DW's not desired then set up a blank template file and use that for
creating new pages and  use SSI for navigation, header, footer etc.  To keep
layout flexible, that's what CSS is for.

Christie Mason

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