[thelist] mp3 player for website?

kate kate.007 at btinternet.com
Thu Nov 13 15:25:08 CST 2008

Hi Erika,
No matter which way its done it ends up on the users computer, which means 
its in their cache - they have the song!.

People have asked this as long as I have searched (also for images) and no 
one has yet come up with a way to deter.

One thing.  I just moved up (wish I had'nt) to IE7 and FF3.0.0 and all I 
have for the usual JS mp3 player from O'Rielly is a black space. There is 
the player but it opens a new window so I gave up and installed YouTube and 
change the song daily.
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>I *was* enamored w/ Wimpy Player, until I installed a paid version on a
> client's site. http://www.wimpyplayer.com/
> Despite performing swimmingly in free/trial mode, the paid version was a
> failure despite my uninstalling/reinstalling/reconfiguring, changing
> scripts by hand, etc... I could not get it to display an image, nor
> could I make the xml variations work.  Only the default player would
> play, with a big square hole where the image should be.
> Emails to support went unanswered.
> Client would like a nice-looking, user-friendly mp3 player to integrate
> into a website, to play her songs without allowing them to be downloaded.
> Alternatives?
> Erika
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