[thelist] how to get the video

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu Nov 13 17:38:19 CST 2008

% cd /tmp

The GUI apps have not worked out yet, so I revisited /tmp (Ubuntu 
Linux).  Although there was nothing with a .swf file extension I found 
another growing file, always something like FlashrXtjwm when I restarted 
the video. 

% clear ; find . -type f -exec ls -l {} \; | grep Flash ; cp Flash* 

So after locating the file, I started repeatedly copying it to a saved 
name.  I had to do it this way because they automatically load a 
succeeding video.  Anyway after repeating this a couple times I got to 
what I think was the right byte count when it ended.  I was able to load 
the renamed video.swf file, but it is generally unusable. 

It runs at about 1/10 normal speed I can't tell if the audio even works 
for this reason.  Getting this to work is a wanna, not a gotta.  My 
client is going to check with the powers at CBS and ABC and try to 
obtain originals. 

I appreciate all the suggestions.

Bob Meetin

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