[thelist] can someone build a 100-page website with only HTML/CSS skill?

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu Nov 13 20:50:29 CST 2008

Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> Bob Meetin 写道:
>> Whatever solution you choose:
> Thanks a lot for the item-by-item informative reply.
>> 2) I learned recently that I could add the following line to my 
>> .htaccess file to get .html files to work like .php files:
>> AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .htm .html
>> I investigated this because #1 was the case on a client's site.
> Luckily we are her hosting company, so we have the influence. Thanks for
> the information. 
-->> lucky assuming you're not hosting out of the trunk of your car.  
there are some curious situations out there.  some rather evasive 
techniques.  <<--
>> 3) If you are an advent of table-less design, then take a very deep 
>> breath if Contribute enters the conversation.  Table-less design and 
>> Contribute don't respect one another.  Also to note, Contribute does not 
>> shake hands glowingly with PHP include files. Rolling eyeballs beware.
> Fortunately (Unfortunately?) that the tutorial book she went through
> with my help does not mention how to layout using <table> at all, so she
> ends up not knowing it. Well, I picked the book.
>> 4) If you choose to go with any CMS or CMS-clone system that results in 
>> new file names then it is vital that you set up redirects in your 
>> .htaccess file, otherwise the site could lose years' worth of built up 
>> search engine rankings. 
> Cool URI doesn't change, right? I'm not even going to rename them:)
> Thanks for noticing.
> I couldn't believe Joomula couldn't generate neat URI. It should be that
> it is only not good at redirecting old URI instead.
There is some functionality in Joomla for user-friendly URL's which I've 
played with but haven't had the need to implement.  Regardless you still 
need a method of setting up redirects whether it be from within the 
administration utility or direct access to the .htaccess file.

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