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Jon Molesa rjmolesa at consoltec.net
Mon Nov 24 19:02:45 CST 2008

I'll say what I wish someone had said to me.

Just go for it!

Get an accountant.

You'll figure out what works and what doesn't for

Don't sweat the small stuff, and _never_ sell yourself short.

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> Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 08:52:12 +1300
> From: Paul Bennett <family.bennett at gmail.com>
> Subject: [thelist] Fulltime to freelance
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> Hi all,
> For various reasons, I'm looking to move from fulltime work into freelance
> based work.
> I have around 8 years professonal development experience, as well as a
> growing list of freelance clients.
> I support a family consisting of a wife and 3 (soon to be 4!) children, so
> I'd need a base of consistent income to keep the wolves from the door for a
> while! At this point I'm less concerned about money than I am about
> improving the amount of enjoyment I get from my work and having more
> flexible working arrangements - something most employers where I'm based
> don't provide.
> Any advice from thelist from anyone who has done this successfully?
> Thanks for any advice,
> Paul
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