[thelist] newspaper community site/structure

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Wed Nov 26 08:07:02 CST 2008

Just a little brainstorming here.  I have a client-in-waiting who has a 
newspaper, actually part of a community of newspapers.  Example:

Visit www.newspaper.com

At the toplevel you get general news/such pertinent to all (say for the 
county). Then via a drop down menu you select a more localized smaller 
newspaper, say CityA or CityB, and you get specifics for that city, 
news, advertisements, etc.  So the jump would take you to possibly:


This structure is not in place yet, but this is the goal.  We are 
probably going to set this up using Joomla or similar.  First of all I 
suggested it would probably be better to set up the structure now vs. 
retrofit.  If any of you have done something similar I'm entertaining 
any gotchas in advance.  Thx.

Bob Meetin

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