[thelist] I need php help again

Abdullah Mancy mancy3000 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 09:49:16 CST 2008

look here$query = "INSERT INTO `textads`  (`title`, `href`, `blurb`,
`bday`, `byear`, `emonth`, `eday`, `eyear`, `expos`) VALUES
('$title', '$href', '$blurb', '$bDate', '$eDate', '$expos', '$bmonth',
'$bday', '$byear', '$emonth', '$eday', '$eyear')";

you've 10 column name  in the other hand you've 12 value

you should have 10 values for the 10 columns and it should be sorted
correct it to :
$query = "INSERT INTO `textads`  (`title`, `href`, `blurb`,
`bmonth`, `bday`, `byear`, `emonth`, `eday`, `eyear`, `expos`) VALUES
('$title', '$href', '$blurb',  '$bmonth', '$bday', '$byear', '$emonth',
'$eday', '$eyear', '$expos')";


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