[thelist] Trre/Drop Down quick app for testing database tbls

Joel D Canfield Joel at CommonsenseEntrepreneur.com
Fri Nov 28 10:37:32 CST 2008

> I'd like to be able to have each tbl as a drop-down/select box, so I
> select
> from selecta, which lists items from TBL-A, which then uses the id
> TBL-A, to get the items from TBL-B that matches. Selecting from
> for TBL-B, then gets me the list on TBL-C...

I've used the one created by Bobby van der Sluis here:


This was on an intranet with a single browser/OS combo (the entire
company used IE6 on Win2K) so I have no experience with it outside that
exact combination.

Curious: what's your goal? Why a web app instead of just SQL? Are you
just looking at the data, or is there a web goal for this?


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