[thelist] storing user information and allowing them to "finishlater" and payment issues

Joel D Canfield Joel at CommonsenseEntrepreneur.com
Mon Dec 1 20:57:24 CST 2008

> What is the best way to let users choose to finish the registration
> Do I have to check all the fields every time they log in to see if
> resume is complete? Has anyone had to handle something like this

What we've done with our online questionnaire is make the first two
fields (username, password) mandatory, then ask them to save the page
(we provide a button that writes to the database.) There's a 'Save'
button at convenient locations down the page. All it does is update
every db field with the current info.

When they return and log in, it populates the form fields from the db,
which they can leave alone or update.

> About putting the payment info on the same page as the registration
> who does that? On all websites where I buy stuff, the payment page is
> separate page. Does anyone have a good reason I can give my client on
> we
> shouldn't do it this way!!!!

are they paying for what they're registering for? not sure what you're
doing, so this is a guess, but if you're filling in registration for a
service or product, and payment information will be required, why would
you NOT put them on the same page? other than technical reasons (which
aren't the client's problem :)


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