[thelist] free online storage software question

Krystian - Sunlust sunlust at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 13:33:29 CST 2008

Hi guys,

I want to get some free software that I could install on a domain and
that clients could easily use to store some files and get them off

We have our own Virtual server running on linux and people that will
use the software have a domain, so I need something that I can
install, give them some space to play with and easy software that they
will be able to use as simple as normal file/folder manager in

I tried googling but all I can find are websites that offer the
service, when I need some solution that we will be able to brand and
resell based on our own server.

Hope that you guys can come up with better results than me.

Any help appreciated.


Krystian - Sunlust
Freelance Web Designer in Eastbourne: http://sunlust.net
Mobile UK (Orange): 07528 036 337

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