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World Wide Web is a proper noun.  There is only one World Wide Web

Yea true.

I laughed because I found it a bit of a tongue twister in conversation so 
they said just say woof woof woof...roflmaoooo
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> Jim Puls wrote:
>> The only one that really bothers me, that I almost guarantee nobody ever
>> thinks about:
>> "Login" is a noun. "Log in" is the verb form.
> You do think about it when you need to write it, if you are a thoughtful
> person.
> IIRC the reasoning for Web site to be capitalized back in the day went
> thusly:
> World Wide Web is a proper noun.  There is only one World Wide Web.
> Therefore, "Web site" refers to this World Wide Web and should be
> capitalized.  Similarly, there is only one Internet, so it too is a
> proper noun.
> Yet of course, at the same time, the world was moving toward lowercasing
> everything. (And, of course, verbifying all nouns and adjectives.)
> Here is Wired in 2004 giving you permission to lowercase:
> http://www.wired.com/culture/lifestyle/news/2004/08/64596
> Here they are in 2000 telling you all kinds of crazy stuff:
> http://www.amazon.com/Wired-Style-Constance-Hale/dp/0767903722
> The first review in the stack points out how flawed that book really was.
> IMO, if nothing else, be consistent with yourself.
> Erika
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