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Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu Dec 4 16:42:12 CST 2008

kate wrote:
> World Wide Web is a proper noun.  There is only one World Wide Web
This has been interesting, a few eye-openers, a few reminders, not as 
spirited as a CMS discussion revival, but worthy.  The survey says:

* web site or website --> website
* site map or sitemap --> sitemap
* E-Mail or E-mail or e-mail or email --> e-mail
* Internet or internet --> either apparently accepted
* Web site? --> I will stay with website, not to confuse things, and 
accept the changing order to lower-casing
* Login or Log in --> use login as the noun and log in as the verb form 
(this was a good reminder, case probably relevant to current usage)
* loggingin or logging in? --> the jury will be out indefinitely, I am 
not touching this...

About capitalization, I always capitalize Mother, my Mother - I feel 
that there is more than simply proper noun as the issue, it is respect.  
However with Internet or Web site or E-Mail, I don't feel that same 
need.  Am I going to offend the internet by referring to it in lower-case?

Grammar snob? - Living the life of a perfectionist has its drawbacks.  
It's easy to accept poor grammar in any language when it's not the 
person's regular tongue (and the person is making an Effort), but when 
the person is capable and chooses to get sloppy or lazy that's when it 
becomes a challenge.

Bob Meetin

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