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kate kate.007 at btinternet.com
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Hi Bob,

World Wide Web is a proper noun.  There is only one World Wide Web

Not my line, someone else wrote that. I said woof, woof, woof in response 

Its just a pity the person I knew and conversed with is no longer around or 
he wouold have put us all right..Writing properly was his thing. A Uni 
education by luck of the draw and made good use of his education. I almost 
feared not writing properly when he was in the forums (moderator) even now I 
strive to write decent just in case he has returned and is watching like a 
ghost from christmmas past...hahaahahahahah

I missed a lot of schools through illness as a child so I have had to learn 
all this stuff as I go. I'm into commas, full stops, and apostrophies at the 
minute in the correct place..

Bed-time here
Bye Bob.
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> kate wrote:
>> World Wide Web is a proper noun.  There is only one World Wide Web
> This has been interesting, a few eye-openers, a few reminders, not as
> spirited as a CMS discussion revival, but worthy.  The survey says:
> * web site or website --> website
> * site map or sitemap --> sitemap
> * E-Mail or E-mail or e-mail or email --> e-mail
> * Internet or internet --> either apparently accepted
> * Web site? --> I will stay with website, not to confuse things, and
> accept the changing order to lower-casing
> * Login or Log in --> use login as the noun and log in as the verb form
> (this was a good reminder, case probably relevant to current usage)
> * loggingin or logging in? --> the jury will be out indefinitely, I am
> not touching this...
> About capitalization, I always capitalize Mother, my Mother - I feel
> that there is more than simply proper noun as the issue, it is respect.
> However with Internet or Web site or E-Mail, I don't feel that same
> need.  Am I going to offend the internet by referring to it in lower-case?
> Grammar snob? - Living the life of a perfectionist has its drawbacks.
> It's easy to accept poor grammar in any language when it's not the
> person's regular tongue (and the person is making an Effort), but when
> the person is capable and chooses to get sloppy or lazy that's when it
> becomes a challenge.
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