[thelist] Drupal... what's with the sudden hype?

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Fri Dec 5 07:49:20 CST 2008

Tris wrote:
> I love all the advise, I feel alot closer to Drupal now ;-p
> I shall install it at home and have a play, maybe do my next 'small'
> project in Drupal.
> Our industry is all about learning new skills and knowing that what is
> technologically vital to know today, might not be tomorrow... so this
> is just another rung to the ladder that is being a web professional..
> On a side note, I'm seriously considering going to Uni in Septemeber
> to get a degree in computer science (I'm currently self taught)...
> with a view to becoming a teacher.. but mainly to fill in the gaps in
> my knowledge... this thread has just made me realise that no matter
> what I learn in uni.. it'll be superceeded in good time.. :-(
What Fred said earlier was that it would take an experienced programmer 
many months to really learn Drupal.  Similar case with Joomla.  While 
Drupal has been stuck on the backburner (burning) of my todo list for 
months, I have small live projects I can apply to Joomla today.  I 
suspect, as is the case with J, it takes months learning, testing the 
add-ons, modules. Then of course learning how to create a custom theme 
or perhaps sifting through the 1000+ open source themes at your finger 

If you use Twitter, you can set up a search for Drupal, Joomla or other 
and set them up as an RSS feed.  This is nifty.  I am now doing this for 
jQuery and Mootools as well.  98% throw away but 2% quality.  You catch 
a lot of tweets of folks discussing both drupal and joomla.


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