[thelist] why web pages look having different color on different LCDs?

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at realss.com
Sun Dec 7 04:53:37 CST 2008

I noticed this very long time ago: for some colleagues the web page
background looks coral, for some looks yellow, and for some others look
between coral and yellow. I know LCD doesn't always reproduce color the
same, but I never worried about it because I am a web dev, which means I
am only interested on the programming logic, e.g. in CMS and I don't
care nor pick on my colors.

But since recently I am exploring knowledge what a web designer career
needs. I found it's important the customer sees color the way we want to
represent. I cannot change the LCD of visitors, but I need to know how
to make 'most' visitor gets the color we want them to see. Googling
around bring me to the knowledge area of CMS, not the content management
system I used to know, but "color management system". Further googling
around and using wikipedia I only find a lot of in-depth article about
ICC, color mapping etc and gets introduced to more and more complicated
knowledge about color. e.g. some posts recommend me to read
http://www.poynton.com/ColorFAQ.html which is complicated and with no
picture example to give an intuitive illustration but rather gave a lot
of formulas; definitely not readable to a web designer nor to a
developer who have no interest/time to explore depth knowledge of how
color is calculated. I just want to adjust color and see the result in
the web browser, see it fit and save+commit, while being confident that
most visitor also see the color matching as I made them.

I also think I can just buy a new LCD, because color changes when LCD
grow older. But again, in the LCD shop I discovered even in new LCD the
color looks different from one to another.

Thanks and sorry for the stupid question: looks like common knowledge
but google like "color difference between monitors" didn't help.

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