[thelist] nomenclature - site map / web site

Hugh Miller hmiller at cfpress.co.uk
Sun Dec 7 10:32:31 CST 2008

Quoting Bob Meetin <bobm at dottedi.biz>:

> Web: www.mycompany.com
> ==>> This just feels wrong.  Are they short of space on their business card
> or just don't see or don't care?  That was rhetorical.  For what it's worth,
> this 
> thread has been really beneficial to me, just a few less decisions to cloud a
> swarming brain.

I dunno Bob, as I say the fact that there is no standard way (all these years
after the fact) of writing 'web language' is a bit strange actually. You would
think that there would have been a settled format for all of these things. So
when everyone has a different way of using these terms the only person who will
decide what is right for each site is going to be the person paying for it.
Although it's essentially trivial, maybe the workers of the web should be
driving standard terminology.

According to wikipedia it is 'website', 'e-mail' and 'login' by the way.


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