[thelist] Multiple but different skins with the same coding?

Hugh Miller hmiller at cfpress.co.uk
Mon Dec 8 07:15:53 CST 2008


I have a similar thing set up for a regional newspaper firm, there is a 
single, 100% the same set of PHP scripts that are used throughout the 
system even though different sites may have slightly different layout, 
components etc.

I use a combination of .htaccess files, mysql backend, php front end to 
do this.

MYSQL basic config:
There is a table "sites" which actually contains anything specific to a 
site. The key one is using a Site Abbreviation code which can then be 
used throughout to change logos etc (ie. siteabb_logo.jpg).

This Site Abbreviation is also used as a column name in the "sections" 
table of which I made a short post to the list about a week and a half 
ago. This table allows for multiple depth of sections, sort ordering 
within sections etc.

The CSS file is simply a PHP script that an .htaccess file tells the 
server to parse. In the "sites" table there is a column for 'skin' (I 
use basic colour names). So http://www.site.com/css/blue/default.css 
maps to http://www.site.com/css/default.php?skin=blue

Within the PHP / CSS file the word blue then loads variables for 
different colour presets that are determined. This is not always 
efficient as sometimes a skin may not use as many alternate colours as 
others so you end up loading unneccesary classes (only adds a few k to 
the file overall though).

The PHP scripts work on a modular principle and all modules are stored 
as functions, called when required, each standard position will 
generally have a fall back default with alternates offered to sites 
(using that site abbreviation code again) where needed.

I'd be happy to go into more detail if required.


Stefan Schwarzer wrote:
> Hi there,
> we're managing a (data) portal. Now, a wish from partner organizations  
> came up to have "regional" versions of this portal. In a first step we  
> proposed to run all regional versions through the "global" one. This  
> avoids duplication of the code and then further down the line the  
> challenges with upgrading the code to a newer version.
> This means that we would have one single portal with different skins,  
> including different logos, titles, eventually even languages.
> What is the best way to implement this? Normally, skins are changed by  
> using different CSS styles. But this isn't enough for our project.  
> Especially the home page will be structured slightly differently. The  
> rest of the pages probably will stay the same, except logos etc.
> Can someone give me a hint how to achieve this efficiently?
> Thanks a lot!
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