[thelist] MySQL stored function looping problem

Jeremy Weiss eccentric.one at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 22:37:27 CST 2008

Phil Turmel wrote:

> I think you've made this a little more complicated than necessary. 

I do have a tendency of doing that. :(

> This is very much a scripting task as opposed to a 
> SQL task (not that it can't be done in SQL...)

I'm having a difficult time distinguishing where that line is.
How you tell the difference between the two?

> Yeah, there'll be a bunch of single-row inserts issued from PHP, but for
> a one-time conversion script, I doubt you'll suffer too much.  You did
> say there's only ~ 15K listings.  Figure 1ms per insert to estimate the
> runtime.  (If I'm way off on that, I'd like to know what hardware you're
> running on...)

I don't know if it changes anything, but this would be ran once daily, 
right after I pull the feed from the Realtor Assoc. It averages ~15K 
properties but that translates into ~450K inserts into the 
carmls_features table.

 I've never timed INSERTS on my server before, but you got me 
curious. So, I gave it a go using your code (which worked great,
btw) and here's what I saw:

453866 records inserted
total time 98.8076000008 seconds
average time per insert = 0.000217702141162 seconds

That's a lot faster than I thought it would be, but wouldn't it be
faster if it wasn't going back and forth between PHP and MySQL?


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