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Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Tue Dec 9 07:59:57 CST 2008

Thanks, I can write and add PHP to any of my forms, perhaps the function which publicizes the blog entry, but when it comes to curl and what you're suggesting, 
that's beyond me. Any chance you can send me some sample code and talk to where it needs to be implemented? I will also be setting up an RSS feed, but that's 
pretty straight forward (have done that before).

What gives here is that there are a number of blog/comment components built for Joomla (sorry Fred), but the better ones come with a commercial license, yet in 
the case of the one I spent the bucks on over the weekend, is awkward to use. Lots of bells/whistles/config options, some very good, but a bit funky with 
permissions/usage.  I will be looking at the commercial wordpress component later this week.


  misterhaan wrote:
> you need to make an http request to technorati -- i did mine using curl 
> from php.  the response will be in xml, which you can parse if you want.
> Bob Meetin wrote:
>> http://technorati.com/developers/ping/
>> I have a self-brew blog. It looks like I need to set it up to ping technorati.  The help doc shows the xml code I need to prep for the ping and the header info, 
>> but it does not actually tell me how to make the ping happen. This must be simple, but what do I do next?
>> Bob

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