[thelist] Financial Situation

Paul Bennett Paul.Bennett at wcc.govt.nz
Wed Dec 10 15:33:08 CST 2008

Hi from New Zealand!

The US recession is definitely having an impact here:
1) Job listings are down (both public and private sector) as many companies decide to hold off hiring until things settle down
2) People in current work are tending to stay put rather than face the uncertainty of change
3) Freelance work is definitely in shorter supply - my previous after-work abundance of projects has dried up
4) 'International' Industries over here are feeling the pinch - a very small rental car website I help manage has noticed a sharp downturn in both traffic and enquiries through their website, as people cancel travel due to economic uncertainty
5) The building industry, and related industries such as real estate, plumbing, painting are really struggling, and many have opted for other fields of work or have left the country for "greener" pastures

All in all, it's starting to look tough here too.

If you're struggling now it may be a good idea to get out and about and meet some more people or do whatever it takes to get your business moving again.


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