[thelist] Financial Situation

Ron ronr at linuxdude.com
Wed Dec 10 17:44:03 CST 2008

I wish you luck and hope you're able to get your price. However,
this situation has reached historical proportions and still headed
down hill. I know some very skilled people out of work.

Fortunately,  this will be thoroughly chronicled in every form of
media we have, especially the Web. Maybe if enough people get mad,
we can rein in the thieving corporate bastards like we did the
corrupt politicians, err, except for a couple in Illinois, that is ;-)

John Corry wrote:
> Lowering my hourly rate or other billables is never an option.
> I am worth what I am worth, regardless the current state of the economy.
> That said, in times like these it is a good strategy to emphasize the
> value that I represent to my clients and why working with me will be
> worth it in definite ROI.
> So far, I haven't been affected...we'll see how that holds up as the
> economy darkens.
> John Corry
> Fred Jones wrote:
>> Is anyone else considering lowering their hourly rate to get new
>> clients due to the financial situation in the US? I have been trying
>> for 2 weeks to get new work (I'm not 100% out of work yet, but I sure
>> want to get more *before* then) and the response has been very very
>> slow. Two small jobs I did, but nothing big.
>> I am asking a bit more than what I'm used to. Now I think I should ask
>> at least what I usually get or even less. I hear that layoffs are
>> common all over the place and people are struggling. I don't read the
>> news much (OK, not at all) so I'm wondering if this situation is
>> affecting people like us also.
>> F

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