[thelist] Financial Situation (from europe)

Joan Olivé i Mallafrè jolive at tinet.org
Thu Dec 11 06:23:28 CST 2008

Good day from Catalonia (Small "waiting for independence" country between 
Spain and France)

Situation here is also very complicated.

We suffered a total collapse on real-state business and are suffering a 
severe collapse in banking financing to companies and common people.

In my experience, since last July, some prospects in the industry, services, 
etc. denied advancing in their projects... In resume: since September I'm 
not reaching any new client!

I'm surviving at 50% work with content's preocces and maintenance, but I 
could not ressist many time more.

I hope situation aught to improve in January, as banks "I hope" should close 
the 2008 year and re-open the money window...

It's really courious to see that oil felt to such prices and even, in next 
months the financing rates should be again low -in our european sacale- but 
in the meanwile, the financing collapse is icing our economy.

Lets hope also than in next Jannuary 20 "the fat woman should sing" -I mean, 
Obama should take power- and enormous amounts of money should re-vitalize 
the US economy.

In Europe I think we must see the "first possitive indicator appears" to 
begin improving our economy. I mean that since 15 months ago, monthly car 
sales statistics, for exemple, are decreasing once and once.

In our past recession, occured after the 1992 olimpics in Barcelona, the 
recession just appeared in October/92, increased along 1993, reaching his 
key point in December, but -as I remember my own situation at those times- I 
could buy an appartment in Novembre 1994, as economy recovered. This means 
that this crisis sensation stayed alive along 24 months. In the present 
situation, "my crisis perception" started in September/2007, when strong 
inflation appeared and real-state collapse were announced. So, applying the 
same parameters, recovery ought to appear in September 2009, but things 
moves faster 14 years after 1993 and I hope in next spring the sun could 
shine again.

In middle term I'm afraid a new severe trouble will danger the european 
economy: US $ ought to be severlly devaluated, in the sense that US economic 
weight in the world ought to reach its natural level. This should put our 
industry in enormeous difficulties, as south europe industry is not so 
qualified to fight in the world as could be the German or Swiss once. Also, 
if China's economy weaks, enormeous troubles should appear...

So: keep belts fastened... and appologize my poor english

Joan Olivé i Mallafrè
Barcelona (Catalonia)

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> Hi from New Zealand!
> The US recession is definitely having an impact here:
> 1) Job listings are down (both public and private sector) as many 
> companies decide to hold off hiring until things settle down
> 2) People in current work are tending to stay put rather than face the 
> uncertainty of change
> 3) Freelance work is definitely in shorter supply - my previous after-work 
> abundance of projects has dried up
> 4) 'International' Industries over here are feeling the pinch - a very 
> small rental car website I help manage has noticed a sharp downturn in 
> both traffic and enquiries through their website, as people cancel travel 
> due to economic uncertainty
> 5) The building industry, and related industries such as real estate, 
> plumbing, painting are really struggling, and many have opted for other 
> fields of work or have left the country for "greener" pastures
> All in all, it's starting to look tough here too.
> If you're struggling now it may be a good idea to get out and about and 
> meet some more people or do whatever it takes to get your business moving 
> again.
> :)
> Paul
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