[thelist] page width trend - 800 or 1024 or other?

Joel D Canfield Joel at CommonsenseEntrepreneur.com
Thu Dec 11 09:39:28 CST 2008

> Usability-wise, I don't know how people surf the web with larger
> monitors.  Do they resize windows? (I'm talking about PC users.)

I have a 21" monitor; not huge, but almost big enough. I rarely surf
full screen. usually have a smaller window, which turns out when I check
to be about 1024 wide (comparing it to my test machines, one set at 800
and the other at 1024)

if I'm doing something for a client whose visitors are likely to using
older equipment, I aim for less than 800 wide. if it's for a musician or
some other artsy folk, or someone who's gonna have higher end visitors,
I consider a wider window, but it's not a given even then.

I know fixed widths are evil. when browsers support intelligent text
reflowing into columns so a site looks as good and works as well at both
800 wide and 1920 wide, I'll go totally fluid because I know it's


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