[thelist] SaveTheDevelopers script

FayeC ftarzwell at fayec.com
Thu Dec 11 12:40:15 CST 2008


I took a dive and decided not to support IE6 anymore (please don't flame me
- it was a much thought over decision).
I still do basic css hacks to make the page degrade gently but I don't
spend LOTS of time trying to figure out ways to force it to display exactly
the same way it does on FF or IE7.
I had the SaveTheDevelopers script on my page and for the longest time it
worked ok....then some 3 months back I realized the script wasn't working
and that savethedevelopers.org was now a Micrososft owned domain pointing
to the IE7 site.
Unfortunately I didn't have the script hosted locally so now I am hoping
someone here has a copy of the script and that I could have it emailed to
me so I can get it working again?

Any help is appreciated,


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