[thelist] ASP(IIS) and Apache .. Together?

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Thu Dec 11 16:53:39 CST 2008

Unless you bind each web server software product to a separate IP address, then only one webserver (Apache or IIS) can use TCP port 80 at a time.

What has probably happened is that you have installed IIS, but IIS is unable to start the default web site due to a binding conflict (Apache is using port 80, so IIS can't).

You could always add a second IP address to your machine and configure IIS to use one, and Apache to use the other. Or you can configure the Default Web Site in IIS to use a non-standard port (e.g. port 81)


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> Hi all
> One of my clients wants me to support his site which uses ASP (All my other
> sites use Apache/PHP). Although I can install IIS (XP Pro) it just sits
> there as the Apache server neatly picks up all requests. (ASP files display
> the source code)
> So..
> 1. Can the Apache server handle ASP files?
> 2. If 'yes', can someone point me in the right direction
> 3. if no, how can I get IIS and Apache to work together, or
> 4. Have I missed some blindingly obvious method of getting PHP and ASP to
> live together?
> Thanks all
> Graham

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