[thelist] Financial Situation

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sun Dec 14 23:47:57 CST 2008

Ken Schaefer wrote:
>you might want to produce something that people value at $44/hour. 

There is, btw, a lot of wiggle room between $11/hr (not really a living 
wage in my town, if you have a family to support) and $44/hr (more than 
enough, unless you have a lot of debt).

Other factors, like, can you keep a roof over your head, can you put 
food on the table, can you pay your medical bills, strongly influence 
ability to ride out a recession.

It's not easy to change careers, or necessarily well-advised.  I have a 
  friend who was laid off from a high-paying job in the dot com crash. 
She went back to school (acquiring debt) to gain skills in a new "more 
valued" field... only to find that in *this* recession, her *new* field 
is getting hit first.

I say, do what you love to do and put money second.


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