[thelist] [solved] Drop Down menu not working in IE

Dan H dan at drhathy.com
Fri Dec 19 12:36:07 CST 2008

On Fri, 19 Dec 2008 13:00:05 -0500, <thelist-request at lists.evolt.org>  

> I haven't really tried it but you might try removing all of the
> z-indexing stuff (it's a rabbit hole!) and removing the overflow:
> hidden on the colmask div.  added the overflow: hidden to div#fixed
> and see if that helps.
> Will
> On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 12:14 PM, Dan H <dan at drhathy.com> wrote:
>> Hello all and hope this season finds everyone in good spirits,
>> Here is my issue.  I hope I explain it clearly enough.  My knowledge  
>> level
>> is probably along the lines of advanced beginner.
>> Here we go:
>> On the horizontal menu, the sub menus show up ok in Opera and FF -  
>> after I
>> added a z-index in the css for the menu.  This did not do the trick,
>> however, for IE. But adding a z-index:-1; on my main container worked  
>> for
>> all three browsers.
> .....

Thanks for the reply and the thoughts.  Have a great holiday season.

I did have to get rid of the z-index stuff in the main css.  But had to  
add in the menu css as follows:

#primary-nav ul,
#primary-nav li:hover ul,
#primary-nav li:hover ul ul,
#primary-nav li.menuparenth ul,
#primary-nav li.menuparenth ul ul {

#primary-nav li:hover ul,
#primary-nav ul li:hover ul,
#primary-nav ul ul li:hover ul,
#primary-nav li.menuparenth ul,
#primary-nav ul li.menuparenth ul,
#primary-nav ul ul li.menuparenth ul {

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